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Marketing and Brand Strategies

Whether your business is just starting out or it’s being around for a long time now, the playing field is changing more often now then ever — and many local businesses specially in the food category went bankrupt in recent months (2018 – 2019). You need to hire extra set of senses or experts to attend to your child — if you treat your business as your child. Each business needs different tools to strategize them properly, these include website design, posters, social media management, event organizing, vlogs, photography, etc.

Build you a House

2019 Dumaguete Town houses and Subdivisions like Aldea Homes, Azumi Phase 2, Camella Homes and several more have been the easier ones to own. It would have been nice if people found it easier to choose a communicate, a baranggay, a property near the beach, near the highway, over looking, a zen type house, an american style designed house, or a native inspired one. Good news, with a network of good real estate agents, engineers, and architects, you can take advantage of the variety of specialties we will give to you. It never got this easy to have a new house of your taste. Talk to us so we know what you want, we build it, and with no time wasted, you get to enjoy your new house. Time is the most precious.

Puto 'Kolatineraries

While Travel Agencies know what “most” tourists are looking for (get them a boat ticket to Siquijor, book them a room at a resort, etchetera), Ioshots Itineraries is more designed to cater to a few tourists who want unique experiences, or even experience some things that no tourist has ever done yet. Some might want to experience the Dumaguete Lifestyle, what it’s like to drive a bike to other town, beachtowns, or go to a nearby waterfalls, etc.

Events and Promotions

It could be that you are coming up with the best debut party for your beautiful daughter, special reception for your wedding, a rock n roll concert to promote your brand or your company, or a DJ party to make the prople of your town happy, it’s never worth it to waste your time to manage all the details and risk becoming too stressed or worst, fail. Our even management covers everything, from lights and sounds, to talent transpo and accommodation, to promotions, to social media management, to ticket selling, etc.


Whether you are a company needing good people to help you make your business your grow or you are someone looking for company worthy of your skills and good attitude, we can give help you out with our database. A continues relationship would help us help you faster as soon you need a new job or if you are a company, need someone good.


Photography is how Ioshots got first established — where founder Ian Omictin earned his good reputation and gained clients such as beauty queens, politicians, LGU’s companies, families, etc. In photography, Ioshots is right now more focused on business headshots, beauty portraits, and commercial photography. With a minimum rate of P10,000 for studio sessions and P15,000 for outdoor or on location sessions, Ioshots Photography is definitely not for everybody. If you are one of the few who understands the value of investing in precisely done photographs to improve one’s brand, contact us.

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